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K3 winner 31x31

Table Saw

Sliding table 31"/Rip capacity of 31"

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The precision Table Saw for the discerning woodworker

Exact rip cuts as well as precise cross and miter cuts, along with the smooth operation of the ­sliding table. These are the qualities that discerning woodworkers like you expect in a ­precision sliding table saw.

Above and beyond that, the K3 winner gives you features that you will not find in similar types of ­machines, e.g. the precision circular saw ­assembly, the cross-cut fence flip stop with the scale set at an angle, ­a hair-line read to assist with making exact adjustments and the rip fence with micro adjustment, guided on large round bar.

The K3 winner is the choice for discerning ­woodworkers.


Details that will ­impress you!

- Great value for your money
- Massive cast iron saw table
- Massive saw assembly
- Professional rip fence on round guiding bar
- State of the art machine technology
- Numerous standard features
- User friendly
- Quality and precision that will last many, many years
- Dado capability for tooling up to ¾“ (19.5 mm) width