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To whom can you turn for technical problems?

We are available for your questions under the menu "contact".

What should you consider with the attitudes of your Browsers?

The Browser functions "Java" and "Java Script" must be activated.

What can you do when you have problems viewing your website?

We tested all standard browsers (Windows: Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer, Mac: Safari, Mozilla Firefox) with the latest versions and normal security settings to ensure a problem free performance of the website. Should you have problems with the functionality of the website please check your security settings on your browser with the most common used settings:

Internet Expolorer 6 Check list:

Extras -> Internet Options -> Security -> Button "Default Level" -> click "OK" or "apply"

Internet Explorer 7 Check list:

Part 1: Tools -> Internet Options -> Security -> Button "Reset all zones to default level" -> click "OK" or "apply"

Part 2: Tools -> Internet Options -> Privacy -> choose "Default" choose -> click "apply" or "OK".

Which dissolution should your screen have?

Minimum dissolution 1024x768 pixel. You can control and/or adapt this in the system control of Windows 95/98/Me/XP/2000 under "announcement".

Which Browsers are recommended to be able to use all functions of the Webside?

Internet Explorer starting from version 5.0, Netscape starting from version 6.0 as well as current Mozilla, Firefox and Opera versions.

With the Opera version 7.11 the left side menu is not indicated correctly - remedy creates the update on the newest version!